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Jami Henry & Pierre Lalonde
Jami Henry President, Bellewether, Lee’s Summit, USA
Pierre - CEO of Québec City-based Kiwi Technologies Inc.Futurallia Kansas City 2011 TestimonialsFuturallia Kansas City 2011 Testimonials

“Jami and Pierre both first met at Futurallia 2008. They had  mutually requested each other, met during one of their
scheduled 30-minute meetings and talked another 3 times over the course of the 2-day event. They kept on communicating after the event as well and after 2 years, the two companies developed a formal partnership. They launched their first project (an assessment product platform) together in May 2010. “By partnering with Kiwi Technologies, we were able to cut our expenses on this specific product by 70%, and we can now export our assessment and maintain control of our cost and margin” said Jami Henry.”


Benny Lee Futurallia Kansas City 2011 Testimonials
President, Duracomm – Kansas City, USA
“You need to go to Futurallia to get the experience: touch and feel the business, make the connections… That's very important. Developing a new relationship is critical in making a sale, and that’s what Futurallia provides. Then sales will come along if you have the right product. But if you don't try, how do you know?”
Sandrine Villaume Futurallia Kansas City 2011 Testimonials
Export Manager, OCF, Ouest Constructions Frigorifiques – Sigournais, France
“When I attended my first Futurallia, the most significant impact on my business is what I learned about getting my product export market ready. The experience was so valuable that I decided to attend again this year in Qatar. This time, my product is better positioned and ready for export, and I believe the contacts I have made will grow my business.”
Jos Santy Futurallia Kansas City 2011 Testimonials
Business Development Director, Waterleau Group – Herent, Belgium
““The Futurallia concept is very good. You have the opportunity in a short period of time to meet with a lot of business people who share an optimistic view of business and are looking to make connections. There are many opportunities for match-making and building long-term business relationships for your company.”
Michel Sebas Futurallia Kansas City 2011 Testimonials
Pegase Production - Sport Design – Martinique, France
“Thanks to Futurallia, I have had positive contacts and exchanged a number of business cards with Qataris and Kuwaitis with regards to the distribution of my sports clothing and my search for financing in the Gulf countries.”
Jean-Pierre Villéger Futurallia Kansas City 2011 Testimonials
Sales and Marketing Manager, Joubert Plywood – Auge-Saint-Médard, France
“I totally agree with the spirit of Futurallia. This event allows everyone to be on an equal footing. It doesn’t matter if you are the sole person in your company or in charge of 200 employees. Futurallia encourages meetings between all types of business leaders. It’s really win-win.”


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